Sunday, July 20, 2008

No, you are not that smart

My apologyfor such a bad quality photo.

Being smart is humans right

Being smart is an art

Can a heart be smart?

Yes, you are smarter

You used to be smarter

The black paper of this flower is what made
this piece stand out.

So what if she is smart?

What makes this second series special
is the dog pictures and the word smart
on each. And it comes in really small
size piece too.

Loving trees, using hankies

I must admit that this piece has been
reconstruct several times before
I am happy with the end result.
The last piece of my first series
of paper collage.

Go outside for sunshine or fresh air

The title part of this collage is the most interesting
part in the process of making this piece. And how
I love the background paper of it!

Passion will not be commanded.It commands us.

Inspired by Susan Sontag's quote,
the fourth piece on my first series
of manual paper collages.

Instead of buying things how about trying to make one today?

The third piece of my first series.
Never thought that the background will mix well
at the beginning but it turned out good.

Hands are not for hitting

The content of this one was inspired by an old
second hand sweater I had by a coallition againts
battered woman.

Being right or being comfortable

I really love the simplicity colour
and lay out of this one.
The second piece of my first series.

Your rules.

First piece out of my first series of collage called Kolase Kebut Kebutan.
It is the one that triggered me to make more and more paper collages
after its finished.