Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That collages that made me nervous

I have never been this nervous in making collages.
Maybe because it's my first collage swap with total
stranger from the other side of the world. Or maybe
I am just worried she won't like this and the other
two that I made her. But it turned out that she likes
it, ALOT. Yay!

I made these for Nina

These three collages were made to swap with Miss Nina
( from Netherland last month.
I haven't received mine, but I certainly believe they will be pretty.
Oh she sent me a little red dala horse too! Yay!

Anyone up for a craftwork trade with me?
I have one with Lindsay from Teelwood, USA at the moment
but I would love to do more.

Monday, September 22, 2008



This should be part of my third series that I exhibit last week,
and actually I made this during the workshop on that exhibition.
But then again I still couldn't figure out the title for this one,
therefore I just put it Untitled#1.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Duass#1: Their hearts inside their brains

I invite a multiply friend to have an art blog of our art everyday.
He agreed and this is my first piece on that blog. It plays on the
word TWO and everything in pair, at least that is my concept in
doing that blog. I finished this one in less than fifteen minutes but
I REALLY love how it turned out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monika Series#12

wallpaper, hand drawing, stamps and comic books.

Monika Series#11

wallpaper, stamps, comic books.

Monika Series#10

Stamps, comic books. wallpaper and hand drawing.

Monika Series#8

wallpaper, comic books, hand drawing, origami paper, stamps and old magazine papers.

Monika Series#7

wallpaper, stamps, hand drawing and comic books.

Monika Series#6

wallpaper, stamps, hand drawing, comic books.

Monika Series#5

Monika Series#4

wallpaper, stamps, old comic books.

Monika Series#3

wallpaper, hand drawing, stamps and old comic books.

Monika Series#2

vintage papers, stamps, hand drawing, old comics, wallpaper and oil cloth.

Monika Series#1

vintage paper, old comics, stamps, wallpaper and hand drawing.